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Date Order - 2
Objective(s)/ Task - 8 points
Team and Documentation Report - 25
Photo/Video support - 5
Today we are going to be finishing our final car, and making minor corrections to make it go faster and farther.

Grace is starting by adding the 3rd piece of paper onto the car. She is going to make it with a hole, so the air can go through and it will be aerodynamic. She will also use the rest of the 2nd piece of paper, because we have only used 1/2 so far. After that, she will test the car, and make corrections.

Ellie is documenting today. First she is doing the objectives/plan, then she is going to help grace finish the final. When grace is testing, Ellie is going to take videos/ pictures. If anything happens, Ellie will document it, and at the end of class, she will document too.
Today we finished our final car. We designed it to look like a wagon, so the air would go through and it would be aerodynamic. Our car went 210 in or 7ft 3in away from the door. We timed it, and it went down the track in 3.0 seconds. At the beginning, when we tested it, it went to the left a lot, and hit the wall. But then we made the straws longer. so the axles wouldn't move around. It now works better, and goes straight forward. We came across another problem too, the car had trouble fitting through the black things on either side of the track. We are trying to place it correctly, so it goes through without trouble.

WIN_20180207_11_59_39_Pro.jpgIMG_0008 (1).JPG
IMG_0007 (1).JPG
Today we are going to be testing our prototypes and making corrections towards them to make them better.

Grace is going to be documenting today so that we can know in the future what we did as a team. After she finishes documenting she is going to be testing her prototypes that she had made in the previous classes, this will help us because when testing the prototypes we will learn about what we have been doing wrong, and what we need to fix.

Ellie is going to be fixing one of her prototypes that she made. This is going to help us
because when testing the prototypes we will learn about what we have been doing wrong, and what we need to fix. She is also going to be making the corrections needed to be made on her prototype today.
Today Grace documented. After documenting she started to fix her prototypes and improve them. She also tested some of her prototypes on the track, this is going to help us in the end because we will learn about what we have been doing wrong while making the car, and we will be able to fix our problems. Today Ellie used one of her finished prototypes and started to test it on the track, while testing the car on the track Ellie noticed that the cars wheels were fairly wobbly. This meant that somehow she had to figure out how to fix the issue. When trying to fix the issue she asked Mr McCloud for help, Mr McCloud told Ellie that the car prototype that she had made didn't classify as a car. This issue forced us to start making a new prototype and we started to shape the car differently. At the end of today we had 2 new prototypes and we have yet to test them on the track.
We took pictures of the distance from the door, to where our car ended, but they would not transfer from the phone to the computer.
Today we are going to be working on making physical Prototypes.

Grace is going to make many physical prototypes so that we will be ready to race soon and so we can win. Grace is also going to document today as well so that Mr Mccloud will be happy and so we will get all points and credit.

Ellie is also making prototypes and is also testing the prototypes so that we
will be ready to race soon and so we can win. When testing the physical prototypes we will be looking for speed and good distance and that our car will get 1st place.
Today Ellie made a physical prototype of her car. She tested her car on the track but it went down at a slant so she had to make some adjustments. She made a eniterly new car and it did the same thing! Now her she has to test it again and continue fixing her car on Monday. Grace also made a prototype. The difficulty with her prototype was that her car was very thick. So when she went in to hole punch it it wasn't very easy. On Monday Grace will create a new car with less paper so that the hole puncher will go through it. We were on schedule the whole day. In the end we still have some work to do and we will fix some of the issues we had today and we most definitely have learned form our mistakes as well. We are proud that we have made 3 different prototypes today.
WIN_20180202_11_47_50_Pro.jpg WIN_20180202_11_47_55_Pro.jpg
Ellie's car above

Grace's car above
Today we are working towards starting our final car.

Grace is making for drawing, so we will have several ideas to consider. Her goal is to make 2 prototypes. When she is done with that, she will start to make a prototype, and we will decide which design we want to use for our final.

Ellie is documenting today, and since we didn't have time to upload a picture from yesterday, she is going to upload that. When she is done documenting, she is going to make a drawing (her goal is to make 1). Then she is going to help grace make the prototype (or make her own), and if we have time, the final.
Today grace made 1 more prototype drawing, and Ellie made 1. Then we both made a prototype. Grace made a car, but she didn't get a chance to test it. She had trouble gluing the front onto the car, because its round. She also had trouble cutting it to be the right size, that would fit. he first time, it was too small, and then it was too big the second time. Ellie made a car, without the front because she thought that it would go fast if air could go through the middle. She tested this, and it went pretty fast, but didn't even make it out the door, and hit the wall. I think that this is because I did not put on the wheels with care, and they were a little sideways. I fixed this, but didn't get to text the new one. These have moved us towards our final, because we are learning what can help, and hurt our car. We both did work, and stayed on task very well. We were in the other room, so I think that it helped us to be isolated from everyone. We are right on schedule, and we got a lot accomplished today. Next class, we are going to take videos of our tests, and figure out what we want our final to look like. Overall we had a very productive day.
WIN_20180131_11_47_44_Pro.jpgThis is Ellie's drawingWIN_20180131_11_49_42_Pro.jpgWIN_20180131_11_49_36_Pro.jpg
Side view and front view of Graces drawing

These are pictures of Ellie and Grace working
Today we were introduced to the speed and acceleration challenge. Grace is going to start on the new prototype, and Ellie is going to document, and when she is done, she will help Grace. Graces job, is working towards making our final product. We want to be able to have several different ideas, not just one.
Grace started working on a car. She folded paper, to create a aerodynamic shape. But none of them looked like a car, and they were all impractical, so we decided to throw them away, and start over tomorrow. We think that we need a definite plan, so she also started drawing pictures of what we want our car to look like. Grace made one of these, and she tried to make it aerodynamic, so it will be fast/speedy. We want to figure out other ways to make our car go fast, and accelerate a lot. We are going to research these next class. Ellie spent the whole time documenting, because we didn't have very much work time. Grace read through, and approved of Ellie's documentation, to make sure that she had everything.
This is the drawing that grace made
Ellie is going to work on the car and finishing it up so we can turn it in for the design segment of the challenge

Grace is going to help Ellie shaping the rest of the car such as the doors and the side of the car so that then we can turn it into the design segments of the challenge. Grace also is documenting today.
In the end we finished the car prototype. We did run into a couple problems such as shaping the car to the right size, but soon we did find the right size after many trails of trying to find the right size. In conclusion we did finish our pro type to a great extent. We did successfully color the care but we did run into the issue of not finding the same color that we had used previously. This meant that we had to find a similar color, but in the end the car is ready for he design portion of this challenge. Ellie attached the wheels, by rolling up a piece of paper, and putting the straw inside the rolled paper. We tested the car down the track, but it was very slow, and it kind of when to the side a little, which caused it to stop halfway. The wheels also were rubbing up against the side of the car, so we cut it off a little bit, and made it run easier.
Ellie- fixed our documentation. This means that she added/uploaded pictures that we couldn't get to upload the previous day.
Grace- started cutting out side wall for the final product. We currently have 1 side wall up. This wall is need so that are car can be completed with 4 doors.
At the end of the day we had a correct size/shape for the side of the car, this took a long time but Grace did figure it out. Ellie added a lot of detail to this webpage. She is going to finish fixing our documentation at home. She did run into some technical difficulties, but managed to fix them on her own.
Both of us were absent
Grace and Ellie working on final prototype, coloring the prototype and shaping car.
Finished most of prototype. Still have one more side of the prototype to finish.
Grace- start drawing on prototype. Document
Ellie-Start drawing on prototype and documentation report.
Grace- Colored Car and did documentation and took pictures

Ellie- Folded and Glued car, and drew outlines for grace, and drew the windshield and the grill of the car.
WIN_20180123_11_18_04_Pro.jpg WIN_20180123_11_18_15_Pro.jpg
Grace- Make a pro type
Ellie- Finish prototype from last class.
Grace finish her prototype (Pictures to the right).
Grace- Making 2nd prototype and working on documentation.

Ellie- Finish prototype that was started last class. Work on documentation.
We made 2 new prototypes and finished the one we made last class. we also took

Grace- make car prototypes, and then start designing prototypes.

Ellie- Upload PowerPoint, graces prototypes, and team picture to wiki, and do documentation and then start designing prototypes.
Grace made 2 car sketches and took pictures. Uploaded pictures to wiki

Ellie made the google slides into a PowerPoint, and uploaded it to the wiki and uploaded the team picture, and the pictures of grace's prototypes onto the wiki. Made prototype
WIN_20180112_11_23_57_Pro.jpgFront view
WIN_20180112_11_23_46_Pro.jpgBack View
WIN_20180112_11_23_38_Pro.jpgtop view
WIN_20180112_11_23_34_Pro.jpgside view
WIN_20180110_11_51_20_Pro.jpgFront View

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WIN_20180110_11_48_38_Pro.jpgFront ViewWIN_20180110_11_46_13_Pro.jpgSide View
Grace- Work on car PowerPoint (20 pages)

Ellie- Start documentation and then after that make prototypes.
Grace finished PowerPoint on cars, with 20 slides

Ellie made 3 prototypes and made the documentation page

Car powerpoint-