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Grading Guideline:
  1. Self standing: All material in one location: Wix or a self contained Wiki Page👍
    1. Define what the category is and explain its uses👍
    2. Issue identified, (various threats) and explain their corresponding solutions👍
  2. Explain how the category software is used to create and publish, where applicable👍
  3. Identify the main components of the user interface
  4. Identify the basic functionality offered by the programs/tools/category👍
  5. Explain what the terms security and privacy mean as they apply to the category👍
  6. Identify common measures used to protect privacy👍
  7. Describe the importance of the tools in the category in today’s world👍
  8. Researched answers to 4 questions selected for research*👍
  9. All sources sited including pictures and videos
  10. Proof of research (Diigo) and who performed research *
  11. List of 10 Dos and Don’ts, along with the reason to do or not do it*
  12. Student created glossary of terms (your own words)*👍
  13. Teaching tools: Help sheet(s), Video(s), PSA, Tutorial(s) ***
  14. Test drive your resources with other groups (proof required)
  15. Practice presenting (teaching) foe 5/6 group

Member Name
Team Task
Primarily responsible for knowing what task need to be accomplished
Communications Manager
Primarily responsible for communication elements - Wiki, Pics, Video, Updates
Primarily for team order: Team, shared workload, and equipment



Test drive your resources with other groups (proof required)

Top Ten Do's and Dont's of the internet

Do: Check the website endings (.org, .edu , .gov , etc.)
purpose/point of view
The reason you should do this is because you could find more credible information in edu and gov.
Do: Use familiar trusted sites (such as Google, etc.)
The reason you do use trusted sites is that you know how to navigate it and you know it will produce good information.
Do: Check how recent the information is
The reason you should do this is because the information could be outdated and wrong.
Don't: Use information that was written by an uncorrectable source
The reason you should be careful is that if you are wrong in the information, you will look bad presenting.
Do: Make sure the website is reliable.
The reason is you could look like a fool if you present this work to someone.
Do: Make sure what you are reading/using as information makes sense
The reason you need to make sure the information make sense is that you might look foolish if the info make no sense at all.
Do: Use more narrow and specific searches
purpose/point of view
The reason you should do this is that it make your searches much faster
Do: Make sure the author provides references or
sources for information on the website
The reason you should look other websites is that it will help your search and you will know that this is a credible source.
Do: Make sure the information you are reading makes sense and is from a trusted site with links from different sources saying it's okay.
The reason you should do this is because you would make your self look better
Don't: Use a website that does not provide information about the author.
The reason you should not use this website is because this could be a bad website.

Explain how the category software is used to create and publish, where applicable/
Identify the basic functionality offered by the programs/tools/category

Facebook: Facebook is used as social media, and is used to connect friends though a friendly atmosphere. Facebook was created by Harvard university students. It was first used by only Harvard students, but then was open to ivy-league schools like Stanford. When Facebook later decided to expanded the website to everyone, with the hope that they can stay connected with old friends and keep in the social know of everyone's busy life. The basic functionality offered by Facebook is to be used as a social media deceive and help you keep you in touch with your old friends.

LinkedIn and MySpace:
LinkedIn is used in a lot of business. It is used to advertise and connect with clients. Also, you can get information about people and you can look at business profiles and contact them via social media.MySpace is also used by businesses, but it is used more for the social media purpose for the internet. Though MySpace and LinkedIn are very close, LinkedIn is used for more businesses than MySpace. The basic functionality offered by both websites MySpace and LinkedIn, is to be used as a social media deceives and helps you grow your businesses. It also helps you grow your social life as well by keeping in the know of what everyone is doing.

Pinterest is also used for businesses but is mainly used for using crafts and sharing artful beauty. Some business sells products off of Pinterest. They advertise products and talk to customers about where they can buy the art or whatever they are selling. It has a project for everyone and if you search something you want to make it will probably come up with it. The basic functionality offered by Pinterest is to be used as a social media tool to help people with food/decorating/etc. It is also used as a blog spot to help people post/idea ideas to there board.

Identify the main components of the user interface

How can these technologies be used or misused?


  • Narcissism
  • Inappropriate pictures
  • Kidnapping

  • Businesses
  • Campaigning

What are the affordances/constraints of these technologies?

  • Meeting people through social media
  • Starting businesses
  • Businesses websites

  • Paying for technology
  • Takes away social time with real people.

  • How much of our privacy should we give up for Facebook?
It is normal to show a bit of your personable life on Facebook. But don't share to much. Sharing to much can involve in identity theft, kidnapping or strange strangers. But that wont normally happen.

Are these tools changing our brains?
Yes. Test have showed that these things have affected our brains. But you can change that by using less of your device have fun without technology as well as with it. If you use the technology in the right way, your technology experience with become make more easily

  • Privacy: When you are on the internet, you give more and more privacy about yourself depending on what website you choose to sign up for. Signing up for certain websites that give too much information about yourself and your personal life is not a good idea. Your privacy is what is all your own, and giving it to other people is like giving away your life!

Did you know that more than some people give more than just their personal life on the internet, they can give their credit card information and even their social security number, but all on accident. The internet can reveal something about you that you’d rather your current or future employer or school administrator not know. The internet can also put your personal safety at risk. Your information is important, so make sure you are careful about privacy on the internet.

  • Cyber-bullying: Cyber-bullying is a way of bullying but only this time people can anonymously bully you or make rumors about yourself that are not true. This is why only people that want hurt people anonymous turn to cyber-bulling. Cyber-bulling is done by using technology, like phones and computers. If the bullying happens to an extreme, the police or schools could get involved. People who do get cyber-bulled sometimes end up having low-self esteem, or getting bad grades, etc.

  • Identity Thief: Identity theft is a form of stealing someone's identity in which someone pretends to be someone else by assuming that person's identity, usually as a method to gain access to resources or obtain credit and other benefits in that person's name. This can also happen online, not only with human actions. That is why it is very important to clear your cookies after doing anything with your credit card. You also have to be careful on what websites you enter any information with your social security number. Identity theft occurs when someone uses another personal's identifying information, like their name, identifying number, or credit card number, without their permission, to commit fraud or other crimes. This is a problem happening right now and being careful can help you avoid getting your identity stolen.

  • Narcissism: Narcissism is when you love your image, and you look at it all the time. You think you are beautiful and you are obsessed with your image. That is why narcissism is a problem today. Too many kids think that it is okay to just always post picture of their self all the time.

Sources: Wikipedia for all topics

Glossary of terms:

Facebook is an online social networking service. Its name comes from a colloquialism for the directory given to students at some American universities
example: contact (someone) via Facebook."Jean said she will Facebook me later"

LinkedIn is a business-oriented Social networking service. Founded in December 2002 and launched on May 5, 2003, it is mainly used for professional networking.
MySpace is an online commutativity that allows friends to keep in touch and meet new people.
(Tech Terms)

A hash-tag is a number symbol (#) used to label key words in a tweet.( # was formed by Twitter, but is used throughout all social media sites)

A photo typically taken by ones self with a smartphone or webcam and upload it to social media.
(Oxford dictionary)

Including a persons account if they are in the picture or with you when you are on you social media

You Only Live Once

Skitch Create an Account Help:

Facebook create an account help:

MySpace create an account help/login in help:

Pinterest create an account help sheet:

LinkedIn create an account help sheet:


The Main Components of the User Interface

Narcissism video