• Write a program to make the robot successfully [[#|complete]] the challenge of race from 100 hall to 600 hall (must use touch and ultra sonic sensors)
  • Be prepared to run challenge on February 8, 2013
  • Communicate using multiple forms of media (i.e., text, video, audio, pictures)
  • To adhere to a specific job/role, while implementing the ideas of the Teamwork Rubric (participation, effort, |self management
  • Manage self-direction, self-management and complexity


(Again, you will be Managing Complexity while striving for High Productivity!)
  1. Team meet to devise a strategy to program the robot to meet the challenge.. YOU WILL USE THIS AS YOUR PRIMARY METHOD FOR PROGRAMMING THE ROBOT!.
  2. Your group will be asked to video record a few of the trials in the activity, you will need to choose what tool works best for your group.
  3. You will need to [[#|create]]a new page based upon the templates used in this unit
    1. Select the "+" symbol net to Pages and Files
    2. Title your new page with you and your partners names or your team name, as well as hour (E1G#, E2G#, E3G#, E4G#, E6G#) & 1C2 (for 1st Challenge 2)
    3. Use the format from NXT unit templates to create your page.
    4. TAG your page 1mini2" (no quotation marks)
    5. It should appear below if you have [[#|completed]] the steps properly

Team/Personal Evaluation:

Teamwork Rubric

Josh, Dan, Philip, and David E1G2 1C2