2014 Make Documentation Basheer and Connor E3

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Connor and Basheer

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Recorder: Each day Basheer and Connor will switch off who records the video for that week.
Documentor: Each day Basheer and Connor will switch off who writes down what we accomplished that day.
Worker: Both Basheer and Connor will be working until there is 5 minutes left in class, which will be the time for recording and documenting.

Documentation (highlighted portions are the preparing stages):

Red numbers are Basheer's documentation
Blue numbers are Connor's documentation
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Week of 6/2/14
5.Friday: Today we presented our project to the class.
If you would like to see the presentation you can down-
load it from above. We also posted the document of
how the circuit works so if you are interested in that you
can download it too.

4.Thursday: Today we tried to hot glue the wires, but
it didn't stick at all so we gave up on that idea and
decided to just connect the wires by hand whenever
we had to (for now). We also wrote out a word docu-
ment on how the circuit works for our presentation
tomorrow since the circuit is complete. Basheer will
finish the Power Point at home since he already has
it started there.

3.Wednesday: Although today was not an Engage
day, I have Code Academy as my C-0, so I thought
it would easier if I asked Mr. Brown for help in building
the circuit. I had bought all the required pieces need-
ed from Radio Shack yesterday and all I needed help
with was connecting everything in it's proper place.
Mr. Brown was a very big help, explaining where each
piece goes and why it goes there. Tomorrow, we will
have to hot glue some wires on to a female USB port
I bought in order to get it on the bread board and finish
the circuit.

2.Tuesday: Today we found a new site that shows a
step by step circuitry on how to make a portable cha-
rger. This project involves a female USB port, which
allows you to plug in anything that has a USB con-
ection at the end; making an iPod charger applicable.
We emailed Mr. Brown the materials needed to see if
he had any, but if not we will just buy them from Radio
Shack. Basheer also started our presentation using
Power Point at home.

1.Monday: Today we figured out that our project was
not charging the phone. Upon further research, we rea-
lized that Apple had taken special precautions to avoid
anyone from using any other USB cable. The green
and white wires are data lines that also need to receive
power in order to charge the Apple device. So, in other
words, our project plan has failed and we need to find a
new one.

We recommend putting the video to HD before watching simply for better quality
Week of 5/26/14
4.Friday: Today Basheer went and got the desoldering
tool that Bear brought in from Mr. Whitmer's room and
desoldered the two metal pieces from the Xbox control-
per while I emailed all of the documentation videos we
made to my mac and put them all into iMovie. Now that
we've got the two metal pieces, we will connect them to
the charger and see if it works. Both of us are planning
on bringing in some type of container that we think is fit
to put our final product in.

3.Thursday: Today we made an amazing discovery with
our project. Instead of using the flashlight's breadboard
and go through the trouble in figuring out which wire
goes where, we can simply desolder the metal from
the Xbox controller that connects to the batteries.
This will allow us to easily attach the positive and neg-
ative wires to the two pieces. We can not desolder tod-
ay because Mr. McCloud does not have the correct tools
needed. Mr. Whitmer informed us that we could use
Bear's orderings tools on Friday since they are at his
home. During the rest of class, I figured out that the
red wire in the charger will connect to the positive
metal piece while the black wire will connect to the
negative metal piece.
Making a iPod Charger

2.Tuesday: Today Basheer took apart his old charger so
that we could see which wires have to be connected to
the battery compartment. We found out that there are 4
different wires in it; a red, black, white, and green. I was
able to remove the dashboard from the Xbox controller
without breaking it so that we could see if it was any
better than the flashlight. We have come to the conclus-
ion that the flashlight's breadboard is easier to modify
because the Xbox controller's breadboard does not have
any wires attached to it, making it hard to figure out how
to change where the power is going.

1.Monday: No school

We recommend putting the video to HD before watching simply for better quality
Week of 5/19/14
4.Friday: Today Connor and I realized that we wouldn't
have time to get both some work and our documentation
video done so we decided to focus our efforts on the doc-
umentation video. We got it up on YouTube with a minute
left of class. I volunteered to embed it to the wiki during
academic lab, which I did with just enough time (the fire
drill gave me only 5 minutes to get it embedded).

3.Thursday: Today both Basheer and I spent the entire
class trying to get the Xbox controller I brought in to
open. We went outside and used the brick wall, floor,
and screw drivers to finally get it to open. One thing we
learned from this experience was to try to come prep-
ared next time because the simpler way to have open-
ed it was to use a certain type of screw that neither of
us were familiar with. If we had done some research
and gotten the special screwdriver before hand, Basheer
and I would have had an easier time getting it open.
With 5 minutes left of class we got it open, but did not
have enough time to attempt to remove the breadboard
on the inside and see how it connected to the battery
compartment, so we'll do that next class to determine
which device will be easier to use; the flashlight or the
Xbox controller. Also, while I was trying to take apart the
controller during class, Basheer cut the rubber off the
tips of the wires on the flashlights breadboard just to
make it easier to rewire when we finish with Xbox con-

2.Tuesday: Today both Connor and I spent 30 minutes
taking apart the toy flashlight I brought in today. After
unscrewing it and snapping parts off, we were left with
the battery compartment and the breadboard connect-
ing it to the bulb. We think that this will be the perfect
thing to modify because of how simple it looks (not too
many wires). On Thursday Connor will bring in his Xbox
controller and we will take it apart and see if it's battery
compartment and bread board are easier to modify than
the flashlight.

1.Monday: Today both Basheer and I forgot to bring our
Toys so today we watched videos on how to rewire diffe-
rent electronic objects like lamps. We are planning on
Basheer to bring his toy flashlight tomorrow and I'm go-
ing to bring an Xbox controller on Thursday. So we can
work on each object individually.

We recommend putting the video to HD before watching simply for better quality
Week of 5/12/14
4.Friday: Today we are planning on creating our documentation
video using iMovie. We learned that our first week's video was
useless because he's starting to grade our documentation this
week and up. We will also create a Word Document on the steps
we will be taking once we bring in the toy on Monday.

3.Thursday: Today Connor and I decided that we would both bring
an old electronic toy to school on Monday. This way we can act-
ually start our project. We also organized the wiki and looked over
some more soldering pages.

2.Tuesday: Today at first we put all of are old stuff from or old page
onto our new page. Then we asked Mr. Whitmer if we could see
his soldering irons and how they work. After that we sent an
email to Mr. McCloud saying what soldering iron we would need
for us to make our project.

1.Monday: Today we wrote out our documentation for Friday since
we didn't have time to do that last week.

Week of 5/5/14
1.Friday: This week we got there project approved by Mr. McCloud
on Tuesday with some slight changes. We had to add two more
learning and evaluation bullets to the proposal page and reword
our goal for the project. Next we started watching videos and read-
ing articles from Bear's guitar project on how to solder.