Group members: Cameron, Roman, and Chase

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Friday, May 16th 2014
We have found a 2 liter bottle,a half liter bottle, a disinfection wipe bottle and a spoon.We decided to make a bird mansion made out of "found" materials. It will all be recycled. We are planning on making bird feeders, and possibly a bird bath.

Friday, May 23rd 2014
We have finalized the birdhouse and have started to spray paint

Friday May 30th 2014
We are going to bring in the colorful paint, and finish the birdhouse next week. This week we acomplished our bird feeder, sanded the edges of the bird bath, and finished planning for next week. We also made the layout for next week's video, now we just have to add the actual documentations.

Thursday June 5th 2014
2. There is not much documentation of the shared workload
We worked on showing our shared workload
3. What is your advice for people attempting to do a similar project
Our advice is to collect all needed materials before hand and then start.
4. What is your estimation of your progress?
Our estimation is that we are about two days behind. We think that because we should have been painting last week according to our week tracker. Also there were some days we did not realize that we did not have school that day.
5. What challenges did you encounter and how did you deal with them, (ie) how to record sound?
One challenge was finding the materials. We wanted all recycled materials such as bottles but somethings we should have bought such as the string. That was one challenge. Another challenge was getting equal work for everyone. We overcame that by giving everyone a job that was important and made sure they were on task.

This is our power point