Group members: Caroline P and Shannon S


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What we plan on doing this week is bringing in materials and figuring out what kind of surveys we are going to be doing this week. We also want to drill holes in the shin guards. We will try and get as much done as possible.

What we are doing today is taking surveys on the color, scent, brand and how it fits your foot. We are also worrying if our type of shin guard that we are designing is going to be comfortable and also keeps a long lasting smell.
Survey Results:
  • Blue
  • Ocean Breeze
  • Nike

Caroline and I were not here today so we don't have a documentation.
What we plan on doing today is making sure that we know who should bring in what materials and what we might decide to do next week. We are also going to plan what we are going to do next week. We plan to figure out mostly our whole plan for next week.

Weekly Update
This is our weekly update on documentation. We had some troubles updating our documentation because it got deleted so we had to make a playlist of of youtube This documentation will show all the stuff that we did this whole week. Problems that we had during the week and things that we got done for this week.

Today we figured out the materials that we don't need anymore, because our plan has been changing cause we have been thinking of new ideas
for the shin guards for them to improve and some of our parents and teachers already have some of the materials.

Today what we did was make our logo and put it on our box for the shin guards. We had to redo it a couple of times because we messed up
we didn't get a lot done today because it took a while for us to put the logo on and glue is in the right spot.

Today we spray painted the shin guards because we wanted to make them the color everyone voted for. It took a while for us
to spray paint them and for them to dry and the paint dried weird and we had to put another layer on so they look better.

Today we craved the logo on the shinguards because we respray painted them so they were a little
wet so we could carve the name in.

Weekly Update
This is our weekly update about what we did what maybe some things we struggled with.

So today we hot glued the felt to the shin guard for the air freshener as a pocket for it
we made sure to be careful to not hurt ourselves with the hot glue.

So today we made another pocket for another air freshener and cut it out glued it on inside the shinguards. Today were gonna email Mr.Melton about using his drill and hope to use it tomorrow to drill more holes

So today we emailed Mr.Melton to ask if we could use the drill. We made a checklist on what we needed to do for today so once we were done with something we could see what else we need to do. We are also gonna try and make a checklist for what we are going to do for Monday.

Week 3 Documentation
This is our weekly update for this week

So Mr. Melton never emailed us back but Mr.McCloud had a drill we could use so we drew some holes
then we drilled them in only one shin guard cause it was a shorter class period for today so we didn't get
as much done as we hoped to.

Today we had some troubles we were drilling the other one we have to do and we accidentally drilled through the felt
so we have to make a new piece of felt. We got the air fresheners in and all we have to do is make a power point for
our presentation and test them out and were all done.


Week 4 documentation