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Week of
This week was basically the start of the unit. It included finding an idea, making a proposal page, and creating the page. I finally found an idea, I am going to make a blog to educate the public about horses. Each week I am going to make, how to's, helps, and other ways to educate the people/classmates about my project. I am going to add a discussion tab so I can add peer and teacher reviews and feed back. Also I created the blog on (Weebly) and so I made my first post basically stating what my plans for the project were.

Week of
Each week I am going to base my help videos and blog posts about a certain topic. This week is going to be on Face Markings, Coat Colors, and possibly horse breeds. This week was Very successful in the fact that I created one of the 3 main help videos for my project. Some challenges were trying to find a good way to make a video interesting and also be able to test what they learned. You can check out that video on my blog ( link posted above) to view the help video!!

Week of 5-26-14
This Week I made a help video about the 3 riding disciplines. The video is going to be about, Western, English, Dressage. Western more of a laid back discipline, English has many variations, and can be very fun. That is the discipline that I ride. Dressage is dancing on horseback. On my blog you can check out my blog and check out my progress!!

Week of 6-2-14
This week was the final week to work on our project. Overall this has been really successful project. I didn't get to finish everything that I had planned. So I just want to describe what I had worked on. I have worked on: Horse Breeds, Face Markings, and Riding Disciplines. I also had made the presentation and a challenge was trying to finish the project/presentation on time. I have really enjoyed this project. I hope I get to do some make project like this in highschool