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Welcome to Our Breakout Critical Thinking Challenge Page

1. As a team decide on which challenges to tackle. Don't be a lazy thinker!
2. Complete the challenge for points
3. Screenshot the completed challenge and email me at
4. Work on challenges until you run out of time
5. Happy Thinking!


How do you play a Breakout EDU Digital game?
Breakout EDU Digital games come fully loaded and ready to play - no setup required. Simply navigate to the page and begin looking for clues. Our best advice - click on everything possible. If you see something clickable, it’s worth a look. Other clue types include bolded letters, Google Apps documents, invisible text, and whatever else we can come up with! The games require a degree of critical thinking and will not always be completely straightforward. Additionally, some clues act as red herrings.

How do I know when an answer is correct?
When an answer is correct, the box on the Form will no longer be outlined in red, and the red error text will disappear. You must have all the lock answers correct before you can move on to the second part of the form to receive your badge.

How do I get a hint?
We have a hint hub hidden in plain sight on every page. Look carefully! Speaking in multiple languages is always a valued skill

What is the educational value of these games?
All of the games promote the 4 C skills: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity, which are valuable skills students need as we progress through the 21st century and beyond. Additionally, some of the games include specific academic content and are identified with a label under their game picture.

Level 1 Games
Open Pool
Og The Great

Level 2 Games
Turkey Trot
Catch The Bus

Level 3 Challenges
Find The Red Stone

Level 4 Challenges
Measuring The Mystery
San Diego Vacation

Incredibly Difficult
Ancient Greece
Evil Dr. Egloo