Class Stuff for Engage

Mr. McCloud • • Innovations Station 100 • Twitter: RoyBPS


• Value Yourself, Value Your Environment, Value Your Educational Opportunity, Value Peers and Adults
• Be an active participant (contribute to projects/discussions/complete assignments/Be self directed)
• Give your best effort
• Honesty and Trust
• Properly care for equipment (sign out/replace in cart/charge, etc.)
• Prepare room for next class (chairs under/tables and floor clear)

Turning in Work & Grading

• Online: only use 1st name and Last Initial, always include Engage Section
• Analog: use both 1st and last name, always include Engage Section
• When absent ask your team for information
• One day will be added to due date when you are absent
• Late work is penalized 10% per day up to 3 days
• No work is accepted after 3 days
- Students are to sign out equipment and they will be responsible for the equipment during that time frame
- Students are to ensure protection, good condition and safe return of the equipment
- Students are responsible to report any malfunction or damage to equipment
- Students are to remove all photos/videos from the equipment by the end of class

Food & Drink/Supplies /Restroom/ Culture

Food and beverage are to be consumed on the round tables away from computers
• Food and beverage must be consumed in the 1st 10 minutes of class
• You must clean up behind yourself
-When you here an adult voice stop talking and pay attention - help your classmate
if they are still distracted
- Student supplies are available in the student supply drawer (Return to this drawer)
- Schedule space and external communication with Mr. McCloud FIRST
- Students are to make sure teacher acknowledges their desire to leave class
(restroom, locker, filming, etc.) and that the student signs out with location on the restroom log.
- Students should say hello upon entering the class and goodbye upon exiting
- Students are to straighten up the room and wait at their seating area to be dismissed -
Rushing the door will result in lunch duty and other consequences if warranted.

2014-15 Projects *

• Pecha Kucha
• Project Management Project
• NXT Robotics
• Sim City
• (Re) Make
Engage Framework cropped.jpg

  • Projects may be added and/or changed

We will add to these items as necessary