2016 EV3 Lego Robotics


  • Learn programming for Lego EV3 Robot
    • Build a robot that is capable of driving around an obstacle course
    • Test the robot for speed and velocity characteristics
    • Equip the robot with a senor to help detect obstacles
    • Flowcharting/Storyboarding
    • Computational Thinking
  • Write a program to make the robot successfully complete the assigned challenge
  • Communicate using multiple forms of media (i.e., text, video, audio, pictures)
  • To adhere to a specific job/role, while implementing the ideas of the Teamwork Rubric (Workload, Interdependence, Flexibility Listening, participation,effort, self management)
  • Manage self-direction and complexity

Brian in tech support says feel free to call and ask for him, if needed


Lego Support Page

Riley Rover Building Instructions
Danny's Lab


(Again, you will be Managing Complexity while striving for High Productivity!)
  1. Go to Computer>Documents>Create Your Groups EV3 Folder>
  2. Inside Your Groups EV3 Folder > Create a new folder for EV3Challenges. Inside, create sub-folders for Images, Programs, Videos, and Documents. This is where you will store your respective files created during this activity.Also, copy programs to your teams Wiki page for this challenge.
  3. Open the EV3 Robotics Programming Software on the Dell.
  4. Team meet to devise a strategy to program the robot to meet the challenge.. YOU WILL USE THIS AS YOUR PRIMARY METHOD FOR PROGRAMMING THE ROBOT!.
  5. Your group will be asked to video record a few of the trials in the activity, you will need to choose which tool works best for your group.
  6. You will need to create a new page from a template
    1. Select the "+" symbol next to Pages and Files
    2. Title your new page with your team name, as well as hour and Kit number (E1 & Kit #), E3K#, E4K#, E5K#, E6K#) i.e OriginalsE1K1
    3. Use the "EV3_2016" template to create your page.
    4. TAG your page "2016EV301", "2016EV303","2016EV304","2016EV305","2016EV306" (no quotation marks)
    5. Your page should appear below if you have completed the steps properly

Student Documentation Sample

Trouble Shooting Options:

One of our EV3 bricks was stuck on the "Starting..." screen. The reset given in the manual (hold center/left/back buttons and releasing in sequence) didn't have any effect. I called tech support this morning and got the answer so I'm sharing. :)

Remove battery and then reinsert battery
Hold down Center and Right button until it says "Updating..."
Plug into computer
Update the Firmware ( Tools | Firmware Update )
Select the Firmware revision and hit Download

It should download and install the latest update and then reset on it's own. Resetting takes about 1 min or less usually.

He said this was the most common issue they've had, but overall they haven't had a bunch of calls for EV3.

coach: Flying Cows of Fury and D.U.F.F.L.E. B.A.G.S.

Programming Video(s):

Butler Bot Challenge Explanation

Color Sensor

Touch Sensor

Student Challenge Ideas

Color Sensor