You Matter: Empathy Quest Project Checklist
You Matter: Original Music Video

Task:Using Google Sites and other products students work in teams to build high quality innovative, research based EMPATHY focused educational websites. Project to include original song(s), original quality video content, and methods to get the word out about the site.

Web Design
Music Video
Educational - Research based
6 page minimum - 2 pages per team member
Empathy - Attention to someone or something else
Design and Layout - Visually appealing with easy navigation
Garageband Original Track - you don't need to be the world's greatest producer
Original Lyrics that relate to your chosen topic
The Story matches the lyrics and theme
Produced in iMovie
Appropriate setting
Appropriate mood
Good Filming and editing technique

In short, create something like Soul Pancake that makes people realize that They MATTER!

Skills Target:

  • Critical thinking: Ability to use multiple perspectives to analyze an issue or problem, create an intervention plan, and evaluate the results of the intervention
  • Creativity: Ability to demonstrate the process of generating new ideas or concepts
  • Teamwork: Ability to work cooperatively with others to achieve a shared goal
  • Communication: Ability to demonstrate the process of exchanging information and ideas
  • Technology: Ability to use a range of technologies to create, store, analyze, and transmit information
  • Self-direction: Ability to demonstrate work behavior characterized as self-starting and proactive

Learning Targets
external image EngageFrameworkBLK.gif?height=273&width=320
Managing Complexity
A) Review Rubric (requirements)
B) Plan
C) Prioritize
D) Time Management
E) Analyze
F) Evaluate (iterate)
G)Manage Project Parts
H) Personal Leadership - Self management/ Self Direction

Focused on 21st Century Skills: Life and work in the 21st century demand that students learn how to use technology, clearly communicate their ideas, and interact effectively with people from different cultures. Via their participation in ThinkQuest Projects, students will hone each of these important skills.


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The GarageBand 4 Beginners Guide
GarageBand Loops (7:31)
Documentation and Reflection Prompt Sheet
Teamwork Rubric
Documentation For Learning Article

Online Logo Maker

Documentation Space:

You will need to do the following:
1. Select the "+" symbol next to Pages and Files above left
2. Title your new page with "Your Team Name YM17" as well as hour (E1, E2, E3, E4, E6) example: (
Critical Thinkers YM17E1)
3. Select the "You Matter17" template
4. TAG your page "YM17E1" , "YM17E2", "YM17E3", "YM17E4", "YM17E6" (
no quotation marks)

C1 Empathy .jpg

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