conveying, clarifying, and exemplifying our educational priorities and our assessment philosophies.
Essential of Critical Thinking
Project Management
Media Festival Project: use P21:3rd example as framework

Teaching Project Management
Principals of Project Management
Collaborative Project Management
Is It Project Based Learning
Project Management Rubric Texas A & M 9/2014


Sim Review with objective ideas 1/2 way down
Future Cities
Questions for student's cities design
Questions when Planning Units
More Challenges
Nice Challenge
2 week Halloween Challenge
Olympic Challenge
10 Best Places To Live - Forbes
NXT Instructional Video
USC Robotics Site
Intro To Robotics
How To Start A Lego Mindstorm Program
Effectiveness of Using Legos
NXT College Overview Page
NXT Intro Video

Video Elective

Race and Crash

Fable Vision Above and Beyond Video

Project Ideas:
ThinkQuest Sample - use the way back machine

50 Q to help students think
9 Essentials Of Good Web Design
7 Cornerstones of Making
Testing 21 Century skills
What is 21 Century Learning
P21 Example Projects
Deeper Learning Competencies

End of year/project questions
For conferences
Edutopia Reflection Questions

Place resources here:
K12 Wiki Lab Wiki
Rita Pearson TED Talk
Ted Talk TED Ed
Video: Student Expectations

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Are the themes of financial literacy, health literacy, civic literacy, environmental literacy and global awareness taught in the context of core subjects?

Project Management Project

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24 hour Film Festival Challenge

2014 Film Festival Reflection

SimCity 4 Challenge

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EV3 Lego Robotics

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